Letter to ex

Am I to be blamed?
For the mistakes I made
Baby, constraints were there
I was mere fate’s player

You heard me right
I did run away from fight
I ain’t quitter but I did quit
Because ’twas the moments need

Social shackles shaked me
Choosing between you and society
Made me fall on knee
Before getting too late I counted three

For me days passed like years
Wondering I left you in tears
Choosing society is tough indeed
But that was my final bid

Now you asking why not you?
If it had been you, I could see a war incoming
With you I could have fought
But In war casualties are inevitable

I wasn’t ready to cry for inevitables
Not ready to see you suffering
Tell me, am I to blame?
For the choices I made

Now play your part
Forgive and forget me
Make a fresh start
Banish the memories we ever made

You will always have my wishes
Bright future awaits you
Be the leader of your crew..